Cheat Engine Apk Download Latest Version For Android [No Root]

We all love games video games. Apart from the fact that how hard or annoying it might be we want a hold over it. Sometimes its quite difficult to control the game and its characters and the way it operates. So to your rescue in a situation like this, we have cheat engine apk. Cheat Engine paves the way for you to get above the current level you are stuck.

Cheat Engine Apk

The cheat engine thus saves plenty of time, and it can also crack the standard cheat codes and provide the players an easy way of hacking the games. Many new games are being released nowadays, which are developed by the developers of Android and due to which some can get instant popularity and fame. A lot of games are quite hard to clear, and a few of them are unbeatable, but via this cheat engine, players can hack almost any genre of the game quite quickly.

What is cheat engine?

Cheat engine is undoubtedly one of the best android applications available particularly for rooted Android devices. That allows the user to hack almost any game. It can work on non-rooted devices as well, but the problem is that some games consist of locking files, so it may require the root access to modify them.

Earlier, the cheat engine was available to computer users only. But thanks to the developing team, now it is also available for Android. Through this engine, users can avail the benefits of amazing features unlocked in the majority of the games. But you need not worry about How to use the Cheat Engine on Android as discussed further. Cheat engine, therefore, is an ideal app for every person that loves to play games and is stuck onto something.

Features of Cheat Engine APK

Cheat Engine


Cheat engine apk info

App Name Cheating Engine
Platform Android
Android Version Supported Android 4.11 or above
Android Version 6.5.2
APK Size 1.5 MB
Developer Francesco Guagnano

Advantages of cheat engine on Android

  • It comes with extra tools that can prevent debugging games along with the software and can also manipulate the values in the games quite easily.
  • With the help of this cheat engine, a player can also get several lives, coins, money, etc., in the particular game and can also make some changes in the game whenever and where ever they feel.
  • In comparison to the computer version, this app is quite useful in Android devices, and the users do not need to go through tons of tutorials present in the games of PC. Android users can skip this step.
  • The cheat engine is best for single player games as you are they are the only person who controls the majority of the workings in the game.
  • Players can also make some alterations in the game through the cheat engine, and it also provides the unlimited player time to complete the task or mission in addition to infinite health.
  • The games can quickly complete the hard levels of the game.
  • One can also make some changes in the interface of the game, but the perks are that it isn’t sufficient and easy to use.

How to use cheat engine on Android

  • Firstly, you need to download Cheat Engine apk on your Android device.
  • Then open the apk file from downloads in the file manager and then click on the install option.
Cheat Engine
  • But before that, you must enable the unknown sources on your mobile phone. To do that, then go to the settings > security > allow the unknown sources option.
  • Then the installation will be completed in a few moments and then wait for a few seconds for the cheat engine apk to be installed on your device completely.
Cheat Engine
  • Now select from any one of your favourite games.
  • Next, find the game process in the list of cheat engine.
  • Finally, open the process option and search for the value. (For instance, gold = 1000)
Cheat Engine
  • You can buy something from the list present in the game until the value of gold reduced to 800.
  • You are also able to see the value of gold changing from 1000 to 800 in the cheat engine application.
  • Then in the list of tabs, you can add the gold value to the fourth number list.
  • In case it is active, then the value has changed to 99999. Nextly, open your game, and the amount of your gold will change to 99999.

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The app named cheat engine is the ultimate app for winning at every game level and be a pro player. This application allows you to customize with some of the interfaces of the app and game but beware that this is quite difficult to do. The first work that cheats engine can do for you is crack the simple codes of the games. Also, it will get you unlimited lives and good health for free without any need to hack the game or stuff. Using cheat engine apk for pc is proved a little difficult for the players.

The individual using this particular app on the PC needs to learn and watch YouTube videos to master it. Also, earlier this app was only useful for the PC, but now the developers of the games have upgraded it, and one can also use this application on Android. Moreover, this app works best on the android device in comparison to the work it shows on the PC.

The app includes quite a long list of pros, but as we all know with advantages comes to the cons as well. The only step back of this mind-wrecking application is that it is best suited for single-player games. when the subject comes to multiplayer, it proves to be a fail. The only player has less amount of working to be done by the app and the changes as well but whereas in the multiplayer, the app needs to do a lot of changes and stuff. Apart from this fact, it is the best application for gamers. I suggest you download it as soon as possible.